Updated: Sep 9

Friends! We invite you to the Bikers Brothers festival, where we will make a fire show of the best hits and new releases from Rammstein, not forgetting the Lindemann project! All information on the organizer's website: And a small trailer of what will happen in a couple of weeks:

Updated: Jun 1

Ramm'band will make a fiery 2 hour show! It's been 3 years since it was possible to do an outdoor concert at Sexton due to restrictions, but now it's time to kick it all out! We present for you most of the new Rammstein album - ZEIT, and also don't forget about the Till [Lindemann] project, and of course we will spice it all up with the most cult songs of outrageous Germans! Tickets at the door! We do not do any resale, be careful! Enter: 1000 rubles At the entrance face control [FC / DC] dress code (no military and sports clothes)! Doors at 19.00 16+

So, Moscow, Bike Center Sexton "Big Open Air" July 16 at 20.00!

Event Vkontakte hier

Promo Video:

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

On January 4 in Moscow, on a cold winter evening, Ramm'band invites you to a traditional scorching concert in honor of the birthday of the permanent Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann. The long-awaited premiere of the song of the updated project T. Lindemann, whose concert will take place in Moscow on January 28, awaits you! Also get ready for a flurry of Rammstein & Lindemann hits mixed with rare songs. And of course, on such a day, we will all write video congratulations to Till and send them to the birthday boy! The concert will take place at DK Kristall, a concert space in Soviet aesthetics in a new, modern shell.

TICKETS on the link!

Enter without QR codes, certificates and tests! Waiting for you! It will be powerful! Address: Moscow, st. Samokatnaya, 4, 11 When: January 4, 2022, Tuesday, 19:00


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